Thai Yoga Therapy

60 minutes / $225

Thai yoga massage is an ancient traditional healing system combining acupressure, massage, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures.


Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is a beautiful and powerful combination of stretching, twisting, energy work, meditations, and acupressure that is over 2,000 years old. This type of massage is performed while lying floor on a thick cushion. This approach allows for full range of movement and the most effective use of the practitioners body weight for transmitting pressure, force, and energy creating a highly therapeutic effect. This type of massage is done while wearing lose and comfortable clothing and consists of working with acupressure points and a technique called thumbing and palming. Sessions are 60 minutes and do not use oils or lotions. 


  • releases stress and tension
  • increases vital energy
  • relieves pain and soreness
  • helps improve sleep
  • increases blood and lymph flow
  • balances the systems of the body
  • releases emotional blockages
  • deepens the mind-body-spirit connection